Preform Thermoplastic

Preform Thermoplastic

Crystalite's range of pre formed thermoplastic is the most widely used in the country. This is a user friendly, extremely neat system used to deliver long life transverse and longitudinal markings.

The thermoplastic sheeting is preformed in our factory and packaged ready for application. The pieces are simply laid out in precut sections and heated with an LPG burner to bond them to the road.

Our product is packaged in heavy duty weather resistant packagin and is formulated to have optimum flexibility; ensuring ease of handling.

Our formula delivers high retro-reflectivity through optimum pigment and glass bead levels, as well as unparalleled skid resistance through generous proportions of intermixed hard-wearing aggregate.

No expensive equipment is required to use our product and it can be applied by nearly anyone. Installation times are fast, the whole marking can be laid then melted in one operation and preheating of the road is not required. (except in damp or very cold conditions).

Standard colours available are white, yellow, red, blue, black, and green, as well as others upon request. Standard "Premium" results are available here. Preform is also available in 600MCD Ultra range.
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